A Menu of Trusted Title’s Services 

Trusted Title provides a wide range of services to expedite both commercial and residential real estate transactions. We serve attorneys, lenders, mortgage brokers, builders, realtors, developers, investors and home buyers nationwide. At your convenience you can close in our offices or we’ll bring the closing to you. 

Title Insurance Services

  • Owner’s Policies
  • Lender’s Policies
  • Leasehold Policies
  • Condominium and Co-op Unit Policies
  • Title Searches
  • Survey and Inspection Services
  • Loan Document Preparation
  • Title and Document Review
  • Closing and Escrow Services
  • Recording Services

Other Searches Available 

  • Bail Search
  • Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Searches
  • Certificate of Regularity
  • Chancery Abstract
  • Child Support Issues
  • Co-Op Search
  • Copies of Corporate Documents
  • County Search
  • Corporate Status Reports
  • Federal Tax Liens
  • Flood Search
  • Franchise Tax Reports
  • Good Standing Certificates
  • Judgment Searches
  • Mortgage Search
  • Patriot Name Search
  • Pending Litigation
  • Record Owner Searches
  • Statewide Upper and Superior Court Search
  • Tax and Assessment Search
  • Tideland Search
  • UCC Search
  • Wetlands Search